Bill Gates

Bill Gates Meets PNG leaders

Mr Gates met with members of the Coalition for Rainforest Nations and Ernst & Young Global Limited at the PNG Pavilion before stopping by to meet and greet the PNG Delegation.
Apart from other countries, he chose only one place to stop by and that was the PNG Pavilion. 

Mr Gates flew back to the US immediately after his brief ‘meet and greet’ with the PNG delegation. 

Prime Minister’s Special Envoy to COP26, Wera Mori, said the meeting with Mr Gates is a significant milestone as the look forward to Carbon Trading.

Bill Gates warns the world to prep for bio-terrorism

He's warning that the threat of bio-terrorism is "right up there with nuclear war and climate change."

Gates spoke at the Munich Security Conference in Germany on Saturday, and an abridged transcript of his speech was published by Business Insider.

Bill Gates: We are vulnerable to flu epidemic in next decade

Mr Gates, whose foundation invests in improving global healthcare, said the Ebola and Zika crises showed the systems for responding to emergencies are still not strong enough.

He was speaking to Dame Sally Davies, the Chief Medical Officer for England and BBC Radio 4's Today programme guest editor.

She revealed that her department had recently rehearsed a "nasty flu" scenario.

Bill Gates was her secret Santa, and it was as awesome as you'd think

A Reddit user named Aerrix says the world's richest man -- worth a cool $75 billion, in case you've forgotten -- sent her gifts last week through Reddit's Secret Santa Gift exchange.

Bill Gates Is no longer the World’s richest person

The last few days have witnessed two billionaires going through those ups and downs to sit on the throne and become the world’s richest person.

One the of them is Bill Gates, a name synonymous to the title “World’s Richest Person”.

The second one is the co-founder of Zara retail clothing line, Amancio Ortega, whose dramatic stock performance made him climb the world’s billionaires list leaving behind Gates, Buffett, Bezos, and Zuckerberg in the below positions.

Bill Gates is now worth $90 billion

Bill Gates' net worth has crossed the $90 billion threshold, according to a real-time rankings from Bloomberg's Billionaire Index.


Bill Gates: Bolivia unimpressed with billionaire's poultry effort to fight poverty

"I find it rude, because unfortunately some people, especially in the empire (the United States), still see us as beggars," Rural Development Minister Cesar Cocarico said.

"We don't depend on chickens. We've advanced.

"Our people have dignity and they know how to work," he told journalists.

Mr Gates, the man ranked by Forbes magazine as the richest person in the world, announced plans last week to donate chickens to poor nations in an effort to fight extreme poverty.