Bernard Unabali

Church neutral on Referendum: Bishop

Bishop Bernard was speaking to members of the Our Lady of Assumption Parish Congregation at Hahela on Sunday.

He said it was crucial for a peaceful post referendum transition period.

“We’ll not tell you to vote for independence or vote for autonomy. We’ll only support whatever the outcome is – independence or autonomy,” he told the congregation.

He further said as the Bishop, he will not let his church get involved in politics as it was the work of the government.

Bougainville Christians told to have faith

This is the message from the Bishop of the Bougainville Catholic Diocese Bernard Unabali at the mass of our lady of Fatima on Saturday in Buka.

Thousands gathered in Buka for the mass.

“We always pray and praise the Lords name but then it’s just our mouths making a lot of noise deep in our hearts there is no faith,” says Bishop Unabali.

“That’s the whole reason why we’re always stuck with problems and don’t move forward.