Bernard Nepo

Legitimate government appointed me commissioner

Speaking to media outside the Waigani Court house, Nepo said the court has made a decision but the government of the day has appointed him as the commissioner.

Nepo said the court is basically there to interpret the law and it does not “have the power to appoint a person because the government of the day appoints”.

“I am a servant of the government and that legitimate government appointed me as the Commissioner, I am sure that the public know that I am the commissioner,” Nepo said despite the court ruling otherwise.

Nepo seeks to stay Supreme Court's decision

Nepo's lawyer came before the Supreme Court today with an application seeking the same court to halt its earlier decision.

The application was brought before the attention of the same judge who stayed Michael Waipo's termination.

Justice Terrence Higgins adjourned Nepo's application generally to the registry due to jurisdiction issues.

He said with the matter previously dealt by him, he would not have the jurisdiction to overthrow his own decision.

He said the application should go before a three man Supreme Court bench due to jurisdiction issues.

Amane is new Buimo Jail Commander

Superintendent Judy Tara who was the jail commander when the jail breakout occurred is been suspended pending an investigation into the incident.

A police team with officers from the CS Headquarters are also on ground to go over the matter.

The Correctional Service Acting Comissioner Bernard Nepo has confirmed as of this afternoon that there are 64 Buimo escapees still at large.

Initially there were 94 escapees; however, 30 have been recaptured.

Of the 30, 12 are confirmed dead while 18 have been seriously wounded.

64 inmates still at large from buimo jail break

This is part of a report that was presented to new CS Commissioner Bernard Nepo at Buimo this morning.

Nepo who faces the acid test in his new role as Commissioner, moved with swift resolve to get on top of the situation by putting logistics in place and appointing a new commander for Buimo.

“At the moment the atmosphere is still tense following the breakout at Buimo,” Nepo said.

Commissioner Nepo who received a full report from the commanding officer Superintendent Judy Tara at Buimo this morning said the total number of inmates that broke out was 94.

Bernard Nepo is new acting Correctional Service Commissioner

Nepo will act on the position for three months starting today as appointed by the Ministerial Executives Appointment Committee and announcement by the Prime Minister last week.

Simatab clarified that the appointment was based on merit and asked all CS senior officers to work together with Nepo and support him for the next three months.

“I was not consulted by NEC about the decision nor did I make any recommendations as the appointment was done on merit.