Berldon Timah

Berldon Timah nominates for Kainantu open

More than 10,000 people came in truckloads and buses to witness the occasion.

Timah is confident to win the seat currently held by Johnson Tuke.

“I want to change Kainantu and make it a role model in the country.

“My people have been neglected for the past years and now is the time to give them what they deserve.”

With a Masters degree in Business management, Timah said the people of Kainantu deserve better as they are the economic corridor to the other Highlands provinces.

He is contesting under the PNG Socialist Party.

Local company helping youths in Morobe Province

TRocks Construction Ltd owner Berldon Timah said the company was in operation for just only four months.

He said the purpose of setting up the small scale mining is to help the youths in the area participate in the workforce in their own area.

Timah said so far the company employed 48 workers who are on day and night shifts.

He added that the Government must look into helping such Small and Medium Enterprises and support the youths in the rural area.