Ben Micah

Micah continues PPP’s Highlands tour

PPP Secretary General Moses Kar told Loop PNG that the main aim of the tour is strictly doing party awareness and identifying potential candidates for the 2017 elections.

He said all the executives alongside party leader Ben Micah have been participating in the awareness.

The awareness started last Friday in Mt Hagen with the former Prime Minister and New Ireland Governor Sir Julius Chan launching his book ‘Playing the Game’.

Micah tours Highlands region

PPP General Secretary Moses Kar told Loop PNG from Simbu that the Highlands people have received Micah as their own.

Kar said an overwhelming crowd gathered at the Queens Park in Mt Hagen on Friday and welcomed Micah and his delegates to the province.

“The event was as fitting as Micah fits well among the old and young generation of Western Highlanders,” says Kar.

Accompanying Micah was PPP founder and New Ireland Governor Sir Julius Chan.

Marape blasts Micah for stopping investors

Marape said his statement was one of the most reckless statements by a Member of Parliament in the history of the nation.

“He is telling investors to wait until next year to create new jobs.

“How could any Member of Parliament actively campaign against the creation of new jobs for our country?"

Marape said the investment climate in Papua New Guinea remains positive and the economic fundamentals of the economy are sound.

“We are facing global economic headwinds with depressed commodity prices, but the market is returning to better pricing levels.”

Opposition confident it has numbers to form government

New Generation and People Progress Party have joined the Opposition ranks to form a new government.

Opposition Leader Don Polye confidentially said the numbers will grow again tonight and the coming days before the Parliament session on Friday July 22, 2016.

He said this new government they will be forming is of quality and the one that will be able to serve the people of this country.

Opposition numbers increase as PPP and NG parties move

Parliament special sitting this afternoon was adjourned for seven days after the Speaker advised the House on the VONC motion filed by Deputy Opposition Leader Sam Basil.   

The special parliament sitting was directed by the Supreme Court on Tuesday after the Government on June 8, adjourned Parliament to August, however, the next day; the Opposition filed the motion on the VONC.

Poyle is the alternative prime minister in the motion.

Coalition partners to meet before Friday Parliament sitting

Micah in a media conference this afternoon said, party leaders in the coalition have yet to meet following the Supreme Court decision yesterday directing Parliament Speaker to recall the House of representative to debate the motion of the Vote of No-Confidence.             

“I want to make it clear as the leader of the People’s Progress Party that our party is still a member of the coalition that elected the Prime Minister Peter O’Neill after the 2012 elections,” Micah said.

Ongoing students’ issues hit the floor of parliament

The debate was started by Opposition Leader Don Polye who said the unfounded allegations by the government that the Opposition is behind the university students were all lies.

He said the misperception that the Opposition members have put words into the student body is utterly false.

“It is very difficult to influence highly educated people who have been educated and have knowledge of general matters that affects their livelihood in the present time and in future,” Polye told Parliament.

Micah not surprised by reshuffle

He said all the ministers in the change were aware as they all have been in discussion with the Prime Minister.

“The Prime Minister was in consultation with us all not just last week but long before that and it is he prerogative to make changes,” Micah says.

He added that the industry is now taking charge of something he is yet to fully understand however he is confident he will be guided by the experts in the industry.

He says after a proper hand over of the minister he will announce to the country what he is expected to carry forward.


Micah aims to modernise power grid

Electricity provider, PNG Power, is one state-owned entity that falls under Minister Micah’s ministry and he is adamant to modernise the nation’s capital power grid.

“The only solution is to modernise the power grid and I am calling on all stakeholders to work together as we seek to update our network,” Micah said in a statement.  

“We must have reforms and fresh investment in PNG Power so as to bring the grid up to world standards.


Micah focused on reforming state owned businesses

Micah spoke this morning on day one of the PNG Mining and Petroleum Conference at the Crowne Plaza hotel, Port Moresby.

In his presentation on Managing Government Businesses for Public Benefits, Micah said he would ensure change to improve the SOE’s for them to become the drivers of economic development and wealth creation for the country.

He said the regulatory and political environment had contributed to some of the dilemmas of the SOE’s.

“Today we are working on reforming these SOE’s structurally, including changing their operating environment.