Belden Namah - Leadership Tribunal

Namah guilty for storming into court

Justice Terrence Higgins and Senior Magistrates Patricia Tivese and Alex Kalandi reconvened today to give the verdict and penalties after the tribunal heard evidence in November last year.

They recommended to the Head of State that Namah be dismissed from office after finding him guilty of misconduct in office when he stormed into the court room, demanding the arrest of Chief Justice Sir Salamo Injia.

The recorded session of the incident on 24 May 2012 was played by the Judiciary’s court reporting services during the tribunal hearing before members of the tribunal.

Namah tribunal adjourned to next year

This is to allow time for the public prosecutors to sort through the Ombudsman Commissions 892 paged statement of reasons into the allegations laid against Namah.

After postponing the hearing from this morning to allow Public Prosecutor Pondros Kaluwin and his team to sort through the statements and arrange an index, the Chairman of the Leadership Tribunal  Justice Goodwin Poole still was not satisfied when he was presented with a summary of the statement of reasons this afternoon.

Namah tribunal temporarily stayed

 Justice David Cannings this afternoon (Oct 29) issued orders restraining the tribunal from reconvening until November 6 (next week Friday).

The tribunal was adjourned to next Tuesday (Nov 3) on Tuesday this week by members of the tribunal.

Justice Cannings temporarily stayed the tribunal convening because Namah’s lawyer Greg Sheppard today (Oct 29) moved a notice of motion on an issue of jurisdiction regarding the tribunal’s appointment.

Namah tribunal adjourned

Public Prosecutor Pondros Kaluwin indicated before the tribunal he will be presenting the reference to Mr Namah before the tribunal next week (Nov 3) when the sitting reconvenes.

This morning members of the tribunal also gave their decision on issues of constitutional matters that Namah’s lawyer, Greg Sheppard, raised in relation to the appointment of his leadership tribunal.

Judge wants speedy tribunal investigation

 Justice Goodwin Poole in addressing in-house matters before the tribunal sitting this morning (Oct 23) said he wants to conclude the findings as soon as possible “as it is consistent to justice”.

He said the tribunal must not be treated as it is some sort of public entertainment.

“It’s not a public spectacle.”

He said it is important as involved leaders who are public office holders.