Beijing tightens controls amid spike in local coronavirus cases

The city has seen more than 100 new cases in the fresh outbreak, the World Health Organization (WHO) says.

For more than seven weeks Beijing had only registered cases from people travelling in from abroad.

New clusters of coronavirus are "always a concern", said Mike Ryan, the WHO's emergencies programme head.

"But what we do like to see is an immediate response to that and comprehensive set of measures," he added.

What do we know about the new cases?

The fresh outbreak has been linked to city's largest wholesale market, Xinfadi.

​PNG invited to join Asian investment bank

AIIB is based in Beijing, China, and is a multilateral development bank that aims to support the building of infrastructure in the Asia Pacific region.

The bank has 52 member states while another 18 are prospective members as of March 2017 and was proposed as an initiative by the government of China.

Head of communication and development at AIIB, Laurel Ostfield, said AIIB is yet to fund infrastructure projects in the Pacific region.

Fiji and Samoa are the only members from the Pacific region, Samoa recently joined this month.

North Korea: China stomping on 'red line' in relations

A commentary in the state-run newspaper Rodong Sinmun vowed North Korea would not give up its nuclear program. It accused China of "dancing to the tune of the US" and providing Washington excuses to deploy more military assets to the Korean Peninsula.

Beijing gets tough on dancing grannies

The women, usually retirees, meet at dusk and dawn in public squares, plazas or parks and perform synchronized dance routines to deafeningly-loud music -- often with costumes or props.

Public dancing has exploded in popularity in China as these women -- and a few men -- look for low-cost ways to stay fit and socialize.

"Our main purpose is to get some exercise," said Ma Lijun, 56, a square dancer. Since 2012, she has shown up religiously at 8 p.m. in the square in front of Beijing's Raffles shopping mall.

Beijing makes 'no fireworks' plea amid smog concerns

The call comes after the entire province of Henan banned the practice.

Authorities have been under pressure to stop the heavy pollution blanketing the capital and other parts of China.

The Chinese tradition of setting off fireworks and firecrackers to ring in the new year is considered auspicious and an essential part of celebrations.

The Spring Festival, as it is also known, starts on Saturday and is China's biggest holiday period.

Beijing threatens legal action over webcam claims

It follows a product recall from the Chinese electronics firm Hangzhou after its web cameras were used in a massive web attack last week.

The attack knocked out sites such as Reddit, Twitter, Paypal and Spotify.

The Chinese government blamed customers for not changing their passwords.

Beijing and Delhi: Two cities and two ways of dealing with smogs

When Beijing's air was forecast to reach hazardous levels for three straight days earlier in December, the government issued a smog red alert. The result: Half the city's cars were off the roads within hours, schools were closed and construction sites shut down. Less than three days later, pollution levels had dropped by 30 percent.

Beijing issues first red alert as air pollution hits

Beijing's Municipal Bureau of Environmental Protection warned that severe pollution would cloak the Chinese capital for several days, starting Tuesday morning.

According to the US Embassy in Beijing, the air quality index stood at 250, classed as "very unhealthy" and 10 times higher than World Health Organization recommended levels.

Beijing air pollution reaches extremely hazardous levels

City authorities issued a rare orange alert, the second highest of four danger levels. Schools suspended outdoor activities and polluting factories were required to reduce production.

VIDEO: Kerry urges China on regional peace initiative

Kerry spoke in Hanoi after meeting with Vietnam's Foreign Minister and Deputy Prime Minister, Phan Binh Minh.