Basil suspension

Ignore decisions by ‘estranged’ Pangu executives: Basil

His statement follows today’s announcement by the Pangu Pati Executive Council of his suspension.

“At this stage, the only unchallenged authority in Pangu Pati is the Parliamentary Wing of which I am Parliamentary Leader. Until all matters involving the Pangu Council generally and the non-Parliament National Executive are resolved by the National Court, the only authorised statements on Pangu Pati matters are those sanctioned by my office – Pangu Pati Parliamentary Leader,” said Basil.

Basil suspended from Pangu Pati

Party president Patrick Pundao made this announcement today in Port Moresby after its Council meeting on May 4 to sideline the leader.

Pundao said Basil was accorded natural justice to respond before the council made the decision but he never did.

He said the decision is regrettable but it had to be made to preserve the principles and ideals for which Pangu Pati was established and stood for since independence.

Pundao claimed that Basil’s action as the party leader in the past three years has been seriously wanting.