LOs trained to be business-minded

The landowners, from Kurumbukari, Inland Pipeline (Maigari), Coastal Pipeline and Basamuk, recently attended a personal viability workshop conducted by the Human Development Institute from March 13-15.

Founder and CEO of Human Development Institute (personal viability program), Samuel Tam Su, popularly known as “Papa Sam”, presented very basic and important principles on how to grow and develop an individual to be business minded.

Tugyak community receive free medical checks and nets

A team from Ramu NiCo (MCC) Basamuk Refinery comprising Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) and Community Affairs Department officers travelled by road to Tugyak where they met with more than 400 villagers to conduct health and safety awareness.

That was followed by free malaria rapid testing on a number of people and donation of two bales of treated mosquito nets to the community.

A nursing officer in charge of Ganglau health post, Martin Uma also travelled with the team to Tugyak to assist in the awareness.

Elderly woman mistakenly attacked

The men were chasing a youth through the village when the grandmother came out to see what was happening outside.

The mother of five, identified as Kairen Kembe, was shocked when she saw a bush knife aimed at her head. She instinctively put up her hands to ward off the weapon, resulting in her hand getting severely slashed.

The encounter with the drunks happened less than a week after the woman lost her grandson after a motorised dingy overturned near Yalau beach, about five kilometres from their home.