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Melania Trump's speech plagiarizes parts of Michelle Obama's

Side-by-side comparisons of the transcripts show the text in Trump's address following, nearly to the word, the first lady's own from the first night of the Democratic convention in Denver nearly eight years ago.

The controversy quickly overshadowed the speech. The Trump campaign signed off on the speech, according to sources. A campaign representative did not immediately respond to request for comment.


Here is Trump, on Monday:

Baton Rouge: Obama condemns 'cowardly assault'

Officers were responding to a call of shots fired when they were shot in what Baton Rouge Mayor Kip Holden described as "an ambush-style deal."

Louisiana State Police Superintendent Colonel Mike Edmonson said the gunman behind the shootings was killed and there are no suspects at large. The motive was not immediately clear.

"Baton Rouge officers at a convenience store observed the individual. He was wearing all black standing behind a beauty supply store holding a rifle," Colonel Edmonson told reporters.

Nato summit: Obama expects UK to continue Europe security role

"I have no doubt that the UK will remain one of Nato's most capable members," he told the FT as alliance leaders gather for a summit.

The meeting will focus on the perceived threat from a resurgent Russia.

But it has been overshadowed by the UK's vote to leave the EU.


Obama warns on Brexit talks

Mr Obama met European Council President Donald Tusk and European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker on Friday and told a news conference that the Brexit vote had created uncertainty over the future of European integration.

US to keep most troops in Afghanistan, Obama says

Under initial plans, US troop numbers were to be reduced to 5,500, from a current level of 9,800.

The US ended major combat operations in Afghanistan at the end of 2014.

The mission of the remaining US troops is to train Afghan forces and support operations against al-Qaeda and other militant groups.

Mr Obama told reporters that the security situation in Afghanistan remained "precarious", with the Taliban still mounting suicide attacks in the capital Kabul and other cities.

Brexit: Obama warns on global growth after UK vote

He said Brexit would "freeze the possibilities of investment in Great Britain or in Europe as a whole".

He appealed to the UK prime minister and other EU leaders to ensure an orderly process for the British exit.

Earlier EU leaders warned that the UK must honour the principle of free movement of people if it wants to retain access to the single market.

The leaders of the other 27 EU countries were meeting in Brussels without the UK for the first time in more than 40 years.

Obama officially endorses Hillary Clinton

His endorsement came after meeting Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders who has been battling Mrs Clinton for the nomination.

Speaking in a video tweeted out by Mrs Clinton, Mr Obama said she may be the most qualified person "ever" for the role of president.

The two are set to start campaigning together soon.

Hiroshima visit to emphasise current US ties with Japan, says Obama

Obama will become the first sitting US president to tour the site of the world's first nuclear bombing this Friday, accompanied by Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe.

In an interview with Japanese national broadcaster NHK, Obama - who emphasised denuclearisation early in his term - said the reality is that leaders often have to make hard choices during times of conflict and no apologies would be included in brief remarks he is expected to make in the western Japanese city.

Obama to take unilateral action on US gun violence

In his first weekly address of 2016, Mr Obama said he would meet Attorney General Loretta Lynch to discuss actions he could take.

He said he was using his executive powers as president because the US Congress has failed to address the problem.

Analysts say there will be a backlash from gun activists and Republicans.

But Mr Obama told Americans that he had received too many letters from parents, and teachers, and children, to sit around and do nothing.

Obama hails the climate deal

“Together, we’ve shown what’s possible when the world stands as one,” he said. “We met the moment.”

While he saw the agreement as a global achievement, he emphasised what had been accomplished by America since he entered the White House.

Doctors Without Borders leaves Afghan city after airstrike

Amid accusations that U.S. jet fighters were responsible for what Doctors Without Borders said was a "sustained bombing" of their trauma center in Kunduz, President Barack Obama and Afghanistan's President Ashraf Ghani promised investigations.

Obama said he expected a full accounting of the circumstances surrounding the bombing, and that he would wait for those results before making a judgment.

He said the U.S. would continue working with Afghanistan's government and its overseas partners to promote security in Afghanistan.