EHP Governor raises concern on police transfer

He said PSC Peter Yaware has been doing a fine job at Kainantu and the province as a whole and his transfer is suspicious.

Governor Numu said Mr Yaware has been in the forefront of investigating a huge corruption surrounding the payment of K7.5m paid to Konka Coffee Development Agency by the National Planning.

He said the payment had been done in 2012 for coffee rehabilitation in Kainantu but nothing to show for on how the funds are being used.

Barola youths surrender guns for coffee

Barola is a name anyone travelling up the Highlands highway would think twice before passing the area, especially at nights, as it is known for its numerous hold ups and carjacking activities over the recent years.

The fear of the area Barolla hill, as a notorious hideout for criminal activities, has left a bad impression to the mindsets of the government, law enforcers and the public, resulting in less development in the area.