Bad Weather

Ubili Village Devastated by Floods

To address the issue, the youth in Noau have taken the initiative to clear the debris and make the road passable for vehicles. Furthermore, the Hargy Oil Palm Excavator has been dispatched to clear debris in Ubili.

In addition, Lake Hargy Hydro has been flooded, leading to a shortage of electricity supply. The Hoskins Koimumu road has also been affected by the floods with erosion due to sea level rise and continuous downpours. Consequently, traffic between Kimbe and Bialla has come to a standstill.

Small Craft Operations Suspension Lifted

The notice was sent out to District Administrators KVG/NTI, LLG Managers, small craft operators, and the general public, informing them that the King Tide warning period has passed since Thursday, January 25th, 2024, and as a result, all small craft owners operating in the vicinity of New Ireland waters can now resume their routine operations.

Residents warned of bad weather hazards

This warning comes in the aftermath of a tragic incident where one young individual lost his life while trying to cross the flooded Nkumu River in Buin.

According to Inspector Popui, the unfortunate incident occurred when a youth, under the influence of alcohol, attempted to cross the flooded river at night. His body was discovered only yesterday, highlighting the perilous consequences of disregarding the warning.

Flights disruptions caused by bad weather: Air Niugini

The Airline was responding to claims that the flights were caused by shortage of pilot with the company.

“Our flight delays over the weekend were mainly due to bad weather and not pilot issue,” An Air Niugini employee who declined to be named said. 

“Two aircraft were not able to get out of Mt Hagen on Saturday as a result of bad weather. This has affected the rest of the flights (been affected) during the weekend.

“However, all the flights are now back too normal.”

Bad weather takes toll on French wine production

A production of 42.9m hectolitres (hl) (944m gallons) is forecast for 2016, down from last year's 47.8m hl.

The harvest is expected to be down by about a third in the Champagne region.

Prices will rise, although one French wine trader said the Brexit effect would be a greater inflationary pressure for UK buyers.

Jean-Pierre Hourlier, who sells mid-market French wines in the UK, said: "Prices are going up across the board because of the euro and the impact on transport because of Brexit."

Three die at sea in Fiji and four others are missing

The Office has confirmed that three people, including a three year old, died earlier this week after attempting to make the return crossing to the Ovalau mainland from Moturiki.

It also says four people are missing after leaving to go fishing three days ago off Rakiraki on the island of Viti Levu.

The NDMO says the incidents were associated with a weather system NOT connected to Cyclone Ula, which is passing through the Lau islands in the country's southeast.

Housing crisis from bad weather in Bougainville

A quick check by New Dawn FM to Guava village saw that the eleven houses will need a total of 200 sheets of corrugated roofing iron as soon as possible.

Although some of the houses had their roofs fixed they still need new roofing as they have many holes in them and are no longer strong to withstand similar strong winds in the future.

According to the people there, the roofing had been repeatedly damaged in the past and could fly off anytime.

Some roofs were removed previously from screw on and are also full of holes.