Autonomous Bougainville Government

Opposition queries PM move on B’villle portfolio

Opposition Leader Don Polye said stripping the ministry from a Bougainvillean MP who has local knowledge about the issues of the Autonomous Region of Bougainville government was a slap in the people’s face.

Mr Polye has cautioned Mr O’Neill as the minister responsible to treat the outstanding financial issue and Bougainville Copper mine issues among others with care.

“The Prime Minister has been playing down the seriousness of ABG by way of undermining the peace agreement with cuts in funds rightfully owed to the people.

Bougainville a ‘dumping ground’ for fishing vessels

The call is more particularly to do with marine life creatures like whales and dolphins that are often found  floating dead in the seas  of Bougainville.

A local fisherman from Taiof Island close to Buka town, Bonny Baia, told PNG loop it was sad seeing these lovely creatures, especially whales, being harpooned and then they get washed ashore dead on beaches.

“There are already rules  but they have to be enforced fully by the relevant authorities here on the ground,” Mr Baia said.

Referendum key issue at Joint Supervisory Board meeting

Autonomous Bougainville Government (ABG) President, Dr John Momis said that with less than five years left in the Referendum window (2015 – 2020) the ABG hopes to reach an agreement with the National Government on a number of things.

He said this includes:

  • the key questions to be asked during the referendum vote ;
  • the common roll to be used and who are eligible to vote;
  • the body to conduct the referendum; and
  • the date for the referendum.

“It is very clear that time is not on our side and we must move fast,” the President said.