Australians desperate for tests amid Omicron surge

Last month Australia lifted most of its strict domestic restrictions after reaching a 90% vaccination target.

But the Omicron variant has fuelled a surge in cases - now totalling over 25,000 a day.

That's put intense pressure on testing and hospital systems, causing anxiety around the country.

PCR tests have always been widely available in Australia, but last week the government began limiting who is eligible to receive them for free.

Australians in cave rescue to receive honours, PM Turnbull says

Mr Turnbull confirmed the as yet unspecified honours would be awarded to Richard Harris, an anaesthetist, and Craig Challen, a vet.

The men entered the Tham Luang cave as part of the international rescue. Dr Harris helped give medical assessments.

It embodied "every Australian value we hold dear", Mr Turnbull said.

Dr Harris was one of the last rescuers to emerge from the cave after three days of the mission to extract the Wild Boars football team and their coach last week.

He and Dr Challen, both experienced divers, helped move the boys out of the cave.

Two Australians jailed after sex assault death

Adrian Attwater and Paul Maris attacked Attwater's partner, Lynette Daly, during a camping trip on a New South Wales beach in 2011.

The case drew attention for the length of time it took to prosecute the men. State prosecutors have apologised for the delay.

It also highlighted issues of how race is dealt with in prosecutions.

'Sincere regrets'

The court determined that Attwater had performed a violent sexual act on Ms Daly that caused her serious injuries while she was too intoxicated to consent.

Matthews out indefinitely with dislocated hip

Matthews was taken from ANZ Stadium on a medi-cab after being caught in an awkward tackle seven minutes from half-time.

It's a cruel blow for Matthews who was coming off his best season since making his NRL debut in 2008.

The injury is the latest setback for the Dragons who are also dealing with a casualty ward that includes Drew Hutchison (knee) and Yaw Kiti Glymin (shoulder) who are both expected to be out long term.

"He's got a dislocated hip, unfortunately. It's something that's come out of the game that's terrible," McGregor said after the game.

Australians rally against 'horrible racists'

 The ad was taken down from a Melbourne street this week after threats were made to the billboard company.

The digital image was accused of being "propaganda" and not reflecting Australian culture.

The campaigners have raised funds to pay for "multiple billboards across Australia".

Dee Madigan, the creative director behind the advert, which was promoting a series of government-backed events, organised the crowd-funding campaign to show that "most Australians are not horrible racists".