Asylum seekers in Manus

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Instead, its spokesperson Ian Rintoul says Dutton wants Manus to become a permanent prison like Nauru.

The group made the comments saying despite constant claims from both Dutton and the Australian Prime Minister that new relocation areas for the refugees are safe and ready, *****photos from West Lorengau on Manus Island show that the area is still a construction site.

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Minister for Planning Richard Maru clarified this in Parliament on Wednesday.


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Manus MP furious over alleged assault of 10yo

He wants the accused perpetrator be made an example of.

The irate member is now demanding the removal of all those processed at the Manus centre before his people “rise up against them”.

“These are only the cases that are made public. There are many unreported.”

He says the refugee should be castrated.

“If it was my daughter, mi no nap ke lo kalabus!” (I will not care about going to jail.)

Supreme Court order against refugees’ deportation still active

With the new accommodation arrangement taking effect today (Oct 4) at the Manus Regional Processing Centre, Mike Compound at the Lombrum centre will accommodate those who have non-refugees status and have received a deportation order.

But Lomai, who represents over 600 detainees at the centre, says unless that injunctive order stopping deportation is varied, “no asylum seekers should be forced to return back to his country of origin”.

Government in process of dismantling refugee camp

Minister for Public Services Sir Puka Temu told world leaders at the 71st United Nations General Assembly at the United Nations Headquarters in New York recently.

He delivered the speech on behalf of Prime Minister Peter O’Neill.

He said the ongoing sad plight of millions of refugees, migrants, including internally displaced persons and those that have paid the ultimate sacrifice with their lives, should and cannot be the new normal.

“No country is immune from the implications of this increasing global concern.”

Manus ‘residence’ inquiry stopped

The same judges who sat on the Supreme Court bench on April 26, that found the detainment of Asylum seekers in the Manus centre illegal and unconstitutional,   today issued orders discharging that inquiry.

Chief Justice Sir Salamo Injia took it on himself to conduct an inquiry into the status of the orders issued by the court in Namah’s case on April 26.

The inquiry was discharged and stopped from continuing today after the court agreed that the inquiry was being conducted without a terms of reference.

Government to implement court orders on refugees

Speaking at the famous radio talk-back show this morning, O’Neill said his government took the honour to support the refugee camp in Manus because PNG has an obligation to fulfill as one of the member of the regional countries in the Pacific.

He said government officials from both Australia and PNG have been in discussions regarding the issue for the past weeks in Port Moresby and Cairns.

However, O’Neill said he is yet to be briefed on their discussions.

Asylum seekers report mixed feelings on court ruling

Speaking through their lawyer Ben Lomai, the detainees said they are happy with the decision but at the same time, have mixed feelings over what will happen to them.

He said those at the facilities at Lombrum and Lorengau East do not know what will happen to them; whether they will go to Australia, Nauru or get a transfer to a third country.

Lomai said the order of the decision that was handed down by the high court was very general and he will be going back to court to seek specific orders for his clients.