Asia-Pacific region

Transforming Agrifood systems in the Asia Pacific region

Organized by the FAO Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific, the #APRC37 convened, in-person, in Colombo, Sri Lanka, the Host Country from 19-22 February 2024, with high-level representation of government ministers and leaders from across the vast region.

The purpose was to review proposals and decide upon a course of action to transform the region’s agrifood systems, making them more fit-for-purpose and to ensure food security for billions of the region’s inhabitants.

Forum on clean air to be hosted

Globally, more than 7 million premature deaths are attributed to air pollution, with two-thirds occurring in the Asia-Pacific region.

Responding to the urgency for solutions to this growing environmental challenge common to many countries and cities across the region, the High-Level Forum on Clean Air will take place in Ulaanbaatar this week, bringing together Ministers, senior policymakers and key stakeholders.

Vanimo-Green plans to venture into carbon trading

It is trying to preserve its dense rainforest to tap into the lucrative international carbon trading market.

Dr Cossey Yosi, the man engaged by Vanimo Green District Development Authority to make the dream become reality, said a lot of work needs to be carried out before the district enters the carbon trading market.

He told Loop PNG that an estimated 500,000 hectares will be covered in the project.         

“Forest Carbon Inventory data will have to be done first before independent (firms) verifies the inventory,” Dr Yosi said.