AROB Referendum

Another constituency referendum-ready

As Bougainville approaches the targeted year to conduct its Referendum, constituencies in Bougainville were delayed against time to fulfil resolution number 5 of 2016 that was passed in the Bougainville House of Representative. This was for all constituencies to be declared referendum-ready by 31st of December, 2018.

Terra was one of the two Constituencies in Wakunai District of Central Bougainville that witnessed the official declaration on the 26th of December, 2018.

Church: 15–year-olds to vote in AROB referendum

And Bougainvilleans leaving outside will also be able to vote, including part Bougainvilleans/PNG and abroad. This has been the resolution reached by clergymen and layworkers in a consultation workshop last week in Buka.

Fr Boniface Kevon representing his group who discussed the issue presented the items and resolutions discussed and he elaborated further on its importance.

AROB govt urged to work with Church on referendum

Churches especially the Catholic and the United Church have a structure that really goes down well right through to the village and grassroots level.

Well known women leader on Bougainville Agnes Titus in a referendum workshop in Buka last week made this statement.

“It is more effective and less costly because the Church has a structure that goes right down into the village level, and also there will be equal participation from women, youth and everyone else because the Church structure also involves them,” Titus said.