ARoB Government

Empowering women leaders

Born and raised in the tranquil village of Lontis, Haku Constituency, Bougainville, she reflects on her carefree childhood by the sea, emphasising her journey from a simple coastal life to becoming a senior education official with a Master's Degree from Australia.

Growing up as the second eldest of nine daughters, Dorothy attributes her strong leadership and consensus-building skills to her upbringing. Her mother, a role model in their community, instilled in her the values of hard work and determination.

New ABG MPs sworn in

Patrick Koles was sworn in as the Member for Haku Constituency whilst Didymus Napto Kissu was sworn in as Member for Nissan following the recent by-election of the constituencies.

Both members were elected to their respective seats following the deaths of the former constituency Members – Late Xavier Kareku, the then Member for Haku who passed on in March last year whilst in office and Late Charry Napto, Member for Nissan, who lost his life in a tragic incident two years ago.