Armed men

Do not panic, NCD public advised

He said he was equally concerned and petrified by the news but after confirming with the Police Commissioner, the security company was engaged early this year to train our special police force units.

“Due to public scare and this being election time, such presence can be very misleading and can lead to people making lots of unwarranted claims to create instability in the city.”

Baki authorises US security firm to carry arms in public

“That is part of the requirement that I wanted them to have a look at and provide a guideline for our police officers. They are carrying firearms because I have authorised them to do so.”

“They have displayed to us the capabilities that they can also be able to provide to the RPNGC in terms of response capability should we be faced with serious security threats.

Baki said despite public criticisms, the idea is to do observation, training assistance in terms of advice particularly for the police officers on ground within NCD.

They are not mercenaries: Turi

The NCD police boss says they are part of a unit that is under the RPNGC contract for training purposes.

Commander Ben Turi says the two men are part of a six men group that is in the country since the beginning of the year – to conduct SWAT-like training for police officers in different units.

The men are police officers of different US states and are not mercenaries or other branded soldiers of fortune, says Turi.

VIDEO: Armed men cause confusion in Port Moresby

Pictures were posted online causing people to question and speculate about the reasons behind the men being in the country.

TVWan News investigates more.