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Australia Kangaroos coach Mal Meninga explains why he quit Papua New Guinea post


Mal Meninga has broken his silence on allegations he callously walked out on Papua New Guinea mid-contract to take the Australian coaching job, saying "I just didn't get paid".


Ipatas welcomes APEC benefits for region

The Governor said APEC in Papua New Guinea will be a series of national events that should not be politicised because there are clear positive outcomes to be gained.

“There should be unity behind APEC because there is no doubt that clear positive outcomes bill be gained from businesses around the nation,” Sir Peter said.

“Through APEC we have access to capacity building projects that will help people in rural areas.

“These are our SMEs and our sectors such as tourism, agriculture and marine resources.

O’Neill describes IMF report as ‘nuisance’

The IMF report noted that Medium-term growth is expected to converge to about 3 percent, supported by agriculture and preparations for the hosting of APEC 2018.

The Report stated that the Government plans to spend K3 billion over 2015-18 on the preparations for APEC 2018 (e.g., upgrading the airport).

Thus, 2018 will see a winding down of construction activity, with overall growth projected to slow down to 1½ percent in 2018 and stabilise at 3 percent over the longer term.

APEC to cost K120m

Minister for APEC and National Events Justin TKatchenko told Parliament today that the cost will not be what he mentioned earlier.

“The amount I mentioned this week is not the overall APEC budget but includes cost that are part of the normal government operations.

“Police and military will work on APEC and many of their normal cost are part of the recurrent budget expenditure.

“We will take our border protection to the next level that has been lacking for decades.”

Polye labels APEC Minister as ‘idiot’

The arguments started when East New Britain Governor Ereman ToBaining Jnr asked Tkatchenko to explain the total cost that will be involved to host the APEC Summit in 2018.

ToBaining raised this concern as ENB will also be cohosting the Summit and wanted a clear understanding about the costs.

This question came at the back of similar questions asked yesterday by the Opposition to the minister but was answered by the Prime Minister in the minister’s absence.

7,000 business executives to attend APEC

Prime Minister Peter O’Neill told Parliament this afternoon.

He said the APEC Summit is a unique opportunity for the people of PNG to take advantage of business opportunities.

O’Neill added that three cruise liners will also berth at the shores of Port Moresby during the APEC Summit and will bring revenue into the country’s economy.

The Prime Minister was responding to Opposition leader Don Polye on total cost of hosting the APEC summit in 2018.

APEC will change PNG, says PM

He said PNG has been a member of APEC for more than 25 years and it’s about time the country hosts the summit.

O’Neill was responding to Opposition Leader Don Polye about the costings involved in hosting the event.

Polye said the country is confused as to whether O’Neill is giving an accurate costing or the National Events and APEC Minister, Justin Tkatchenko.

Tkatchenko, earlier on TVWan’s Nau talkback program, said Papua New Guinea will spend K600 million to host the 21 heads of APEC member states in 2018.

Cruise liners to provide accommodation for APEC

Minister for Sports, APEC, & National Events, Justin Tkatchenko, said the cruise liners will provide accommodation for guests during the international meeting.

He said this during the ground turnover for the new APEC House.

Though not naming the cruise liners, their addition is expected to boost an outstanding image of the soon to begin redevelopment of the Ela Beach front.

Stanley to host APEC's ministerial meetings

This was announced by Prime Minister Peter O’Neill during the Grand Opening of the hotel last night (Oct 20).

He said some of the meetings included APEC working groups and Ministers.

“The grand ballroom will most likely host the meeting of APEC Senior Officials and Trade and Foreign Affairs,” said O’Neill.

Earlier in the day, the APEC Haus ground turning was held to begin work on the old Sea Park.

The APEC Haus will host Prime Ministers and Presidents of the 21 APEC countries in 2018.

APEC Haus to be iconic landmark

The prediction was made by Minister for Sports, APEC, and National Events, Justin Tkatchenko, during the ground breaking ceremony today.

Tkatchenko said the unique design of the facility, which resembles a Lagatoi Sail, would rival iconic world sites.

“When you see it from the air, or when you see it from the land or when you see it from a post card or on tv, or on the internet or  facebook, you will symbolise and recognise it as Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea.”

“Just like the Sydney Opera House is to Australia,” said Tkatchenko.