Baki clarifies role of Australian Defence Force

He said the landing of the two F18 Super hornets by the Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) was to tell the whole world that PNG is ready to host APEC in 2018.

He clarified that Australian Defence Force has been requested by the Joint Task Force team to take over the air security as PNG lacks capability in that area.

“We are down here on the ground and don’t know what is happening up there in the air, and this is the responsibility we are requesting the Australian Defence Force to step in and help.”

Sanctuary Hotel considered for APEC accommodation

Son of owner and group operations manager, Jamie Pang stated this during the tour of the Sanctuary on Thursday.

Pang said previously before the Sanctuary was built, the property was in the No- Go Zone for APEC.

“However, since we’ve built this place, they have extended that No- Go Zone to past the hotels boundaries making the Sanctuary Hotel fully acceptable for the APEC people. We have already been accepted,” Pang said.

Pang said this is good exposure for the business and the hotel will be more than ready by then to accommodate those attending the Summit in 2018.

Jet fighters to visit Pom ahead of transport meet

Prime Minister and Minster for APEC, Peter O’Neill said the hosting of APEC involves a joint security operation with partners, including Australia, with security elements including jets and co-operation for land and maritime security.

“As Papua New Guinea prepares to host the APEC Summit in November 2018, more than 200 lead-up meetings will take place beginning with the APEC Transportation Minister’s Meeting in Port Moresby on Friday,” O’Neill said.


O’Neill confident in hosting APEC in 2018

Speaking during the flag raising ceremony on the Independence Day O’Neill said our nation will be on display as we host the APEC Summit.

He said by the time of the APEC Leaders’ Summit next year, more than 15,000 APEC delegates will have visited our country.

“We will welcome the Presidents and Prime Ministers of the other 20 APEC countries, representing more than half of global trade.

“This presents unique opportunity for our country.

“We must promote our country to a global audience and the global investment community.

VIDEO: Water Police prepared

Commissioner of Police Gari Baki, made the comment following the presentation of a 3 million Australian Dollar worth of facilities and equipment, including two vehicles and jet skis today at the water police Headquarter at Konedobu in the Nation's capital. 


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Police gets support for APEC

This follows AUD 3 million (Australian Dollars) worth of facilities and equipment was handed over today at the water police HQ at Konedobu in the Nation’s capital.

COP Baki said this presentation is part of strengthening and preparing the Water police for the coming APEC summit.

He says because this event will see global leaders enter the country there is a need for an increase in security alertness and preparedness.

The equipment includes two boats, six jet skiis, two buoys, two vehicles and a warehouse to house the equipment. 

APEC working group to strengthen relations

Co- Chair of the Security Partners Working Group, Ian Jinga said the group is in essence consolidating, strengthening and further enhancing the already strong and comprehensive bilateral as well as multilateral relations.

Jinga said the Security Partners Working Group is the mechanism they have established that will not only facilitate, define and clearly articulate the nature of support required, but is also an avenue to consult and agree on the required support to help successfully deliver APEC 2018.

VIDEO: APEC traffic trial

A trial run was recently held by 9 traffic officers who graduated yesterday from short motorcycle training.


Charmaine Poriambep reports 

VIDEO: Fire Service preps for APEC

The PNG Fire Service, despite not receiving much attention, is also as focused to prepare itself for this World's biggest global meeting to be held in PNG. 


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Juffa condemns engagement of US based security firm

Juffa told Loop PNG that the engagement came as a surprise to many in Government and it also appears that the relevant body, National Security Advisory Council was unaware of this engagement.

“In fact the matter came to the attention of all when photos of foreigners carrying heavy assault weaponry in public were circulated via social media primarily facebook.”

"These photos caused much anxiety and apprehension in the community and many leaders were approached to seek and provide answers.