US Embassy steps up preps ahead of APEC

Ambassador Catherine Ebert- Gray made the announcement during the recently held PNG-US Alumni annual general meeting.

“We just returned from an offsite where we scoped out APEC calendars, roles, activities and preparations.  The size of the American delegation to APEC fits the importance we place on a region which accounts for 55% of the world’s GDP, 44% of the world’s trade, and 40% of the world population,” said the ambassador. 

APEC economies to focus on digitally-driven trade

APEC’s incoming chair of ISOM, Ambassador Ivan Pomaleu, announced that the focus will be on empowering workers and businesses, in all parts of the region, to thrive in an age of digital disruption.

The main policy priorities to be advanced by APEC members next year, under the theme “Harnessing Inclusive Opportunities, Embracing the Digital Future.

APEC Concept shop opens

It is the APEC Concept shop with the main aim of showcasing the country's arts and crafts and Jewelries.

Gemini Jewelries has diversified its products tapping into the country's unique arts and crafts hence making it different from any other jewelry shop.

Owner of Gemini Jewelries, Kathy Johnston, said it is hoped that the shop will provide the ideal market for local artists and jewelers.

"The shop features arts and crafts from all 22 provinces and will continue to purchase from locals to support their work" said Johnston.

New series of PNG stamps released

Each stamp tells a story and reflects the unique global contribution of PNG as an emerging global leader on sustainable development.

The theme of the 2018 APEC Summit is focused on sustainability; sustainable businesses, opportunities and growth for these APEC economies.

The stamps, which were launched today in what is known as a cancellation ceremony in the postage profession, will display PNG’s position as she chairs APEC; that it is not just about growth but sustainable growth.

APEC Senior Officials to meet in Port Moresby

They will build on the vision for trade and growth agreed upon by APEC Leaders in Da Nang, intent on sustaining the momentum of APEC economies and opening up new opportunities for people back home as the region becomes more integrated and digitally developed.


Indonesia helps RPNGC with APEC fire arms training

ACP Manning made this remark during the “Dispatch of experts on small fire arms, protocol and security conference management” organised by the Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia in Port Moresby on Monday.

 “I’d like to acknowledge the presence of the Indonesia experts who are here to share their skill and experience with our local police.

“The two countries have been maintaining a strong bilateral relationship. With the dispatch of experts of small firearms to PNG, we are tying another knot in the policing area and we really appreciate it," Manning said.

APEC Minister raises concern on security preparations

APEC Minister, Justin Tkatchenko, who is in Vietnam for the APEC Summit said those three key areas will be the main agenda PNG delegates will learn from the Vietnamese whilst in Vietnam.

Minister Tkatchenko said although the Government had spent a lot of money on security and protocol, they need to step up further as we host the APEC in 2018.

He said nothing is impossible and PNG can deliver APEC in a Pacific way.

He added that team effort must always be of paramount importance if PNG wants to deliver the APEC Summit.

Tkatchenko appointed minister responsible for APEC

PM O’Neill said with less than two months remaining before the start of APEC 2018, it is timely for the Minister to resume the portfolio he held before the National Elections.

Responsibility for APEC will be added to the Minister’s current portfolio of Lands and Physical Planning.

"Minister Tkatchenko has substantial experience in the co-ordination of major events at the ministerial level,” the Prime Minister said.

"As minister he oversaw the successful delivery of the Pacific Games and the Pacific Islands Forum.

Regional trade integration high on APEC agenda

Trade is one of those agenda’s, in particular for PNG small Business owners; it’s to have access to markets where their products can be sold.

PNG made products have been a central theme for APEC meetings held in the country leading up to the big meeting in 2018.

The recent transport Ministers meeting held at the ritzy Stanely Hotel saw a number of small business owners showcase their products.

The organisers told loop PNG that superior coffee from Kainantu was becoming a top favourite with international visitors due to it rich organic flavour.


VIDEO: APEC Security boosted

The PNG National Mapping Bureau, with the support of the Royal Australian Air Force, have begun mapping the main centers.


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