APEC Vietnam 2017 Summit

O’Neill officially invites leaders to summit

O'Neill met with all the leaders today, including United States President Donald Trump.

He met with them for the first full meeting of the 2017 APEC Summit in Da Nang city, Vietnam.

This is the second time Vietnam has hosted the APEC Summit. It previously hosted the Summit in 2006.

Papua New Guinea will be hosting the Summit in 2018 followed by Malaysia in 2020.

APEC brings together 21 economies from the Pacific region – the equivalent of about 60 percent of the world's gross domestic product (GDP).

APEC Vietnam summit begins today

Despite the heavy downpour and storms, Da Nang city is doing all it can to prepare for the opening of the APEC 2017 Summit.

The APEC 2017 High Level Week officially starts today (Nov 6).

However, according to local media, given the current weather conditions, the Central Meteorological and Hydrological Station issued a warning for Da Nang city. It has been rated level 3 on the disaster level scale.