APEC meet

Securities at borders must be strengthened before APEC meet: PPC

Papua New Guinea’s capital Port Moresby will host the APEC leaders’ summit and will be the biggest security test for the country since gaining independence in 1975.

PPC Gesa told Loop PNG in Vanimo that security must not only be concentrated in Port Moresby because any person can cross into the unmanned borders of Sandaun and Western provinces and travel to Port Moresby and stage an attack.  

He also revealed that intelligence officers from Papua New Guinea and Australia visited Vanimo on a fact finding mission this week.   

Security operations on par for APEC meet

Assistant Commissioner of  Operations David Manning informed PNG Loop there was a full briefing conducted by the RPNGC, PNGDF and PN CS to go over capacity requirements.

Manning outlined that the main area of focus would be to build and enhance security requirements for the three disciplined forces that will be providing the basis of the in-country security.

He says that all force reps were told to align all their training and preps to beef up in terms of intelligence-based operations.