APEC Leaders’ meeting

PM O’Neill opens leaders’ meeting

They will be discussing a range of issues that are already being put forward by officials from each economy.

“I know today many of you will be leaving our shores but let me say that we are very grateful for your visit," says PM O'Neill.

He added the leaders' visit had given hope to the people of PNG.

"In doing so, it will continue to enhance our involvement of our own respective countries in our economies with challenges ahead of us."

The leaders are now having their closed-door discussions.


O’Neill backs Micro and Small and Medium Enterprises in Asia-Pacific

  O'Neill made this call following the first session of the APEC Leaders’ meeting that was focusing on the topic of Inclusive Growth through Integrated Economies.

“For Papua New Guinea, the dramatic growth we are experiencing must be carefully managed so that we can effectively continue to integrate with the region,”  he said at the end of the session.

 “As a developing country, we must ensure that our growth is inclusive of our people, and inclusive of the people of Pacific Islands nations.