APEC CEO Summit 2018

Pence blunt on Indo-Pacific commitments

Mike Pence acknowledged the size and economic potential of the Indo-Pacific, saying it encompasses more than half the earth’s surface and two-thirds of global trade.

Sent directly by President Donald Trump, Vice-President Pence clearly and directly highlighted US’ contributions to the Indo-Pacific, saying their investment of over 1.4 trillion dollars exceeds a combined total of China, Japan and South Korea’s assistance.

“And American investment in the Indo-Pacific will only continue to grow,” Pence stated.

CEO Summit: Work with or bypass govt?

Business leaders at the Summit’s session 6 were asked whether they go through the government, or bypass authorities, to reach the people.

The APEC CEO Summit session 6 theme was ‘Managing resources, securing future’.

At the panel was Newcrest managing director, Sandeep Biswas, Puma Energy Global CEO, Pierre Eladari and the President and chief operating officer of Freeport-McMoRan Americas, Harry M Conger.

CEO Summit underway in Port Moresby

Prime Minister Peter O’Neill, in giving the welcome remarks, maintained that the economy has seen continuous stable growth in the last 16 years coupled with political stability.

But he highlighted that so much trade opportunities are not going to be fully appreciated by the business and private sector, let alone civil society, if the government works in isolation.

He said while PNG is playing increasing roles in international forums, governments need to continue to be more actively engaged with civil society and business.