APEC Business Advisory Council (ABAC)

Digital Innovation Forum in Taipei

In support of such, APEC Business Advisory Council (ABAC) PNG and ABAC Chinese Taipei are organising the first-ever Digital Innovation Forum – a two-day convening of cross-sector leaders from government, business and tech on July 19-20 in Taipei.

Reduce barriers to trade, investment

Chair of the APEC Business Advisory Council (ABAC), David Toua, said this recently in Tokyo, Japan, during the ABAC 2 Meeting.

Toua said the region was currently at the crossroads and urged ABAC members not to regress growth.

“One road takes us towards open markets, dynamic flows of goods, services, investment and people, and inclusive growth. The other takes us backwards towards protectionism, exclusion and regional economic slows

“We should not hold back progress in the Asia-Pacific,” said Toua.

Collaboration to address inequalities

APEC Business Advisory Council (ABAC) Chairman, David Toua, said this is one of the agendas to come out of the recent ABAC Meeting in Auckland, New Zealand.

Toua spoke at the Port Moresby Chamber of Commerce Breakfast.

Toua said discussions in New Zealand were committed to addressing globalisation and ways to maintain government and business and community support for regional integration.

He said this collaboration will address economic inequalities, which is a result of globalisation.

PNG ABAC introduce life after mine

This was announced by President of the Business Council of PNG, David Toua, during the Australia-PNG Business Council Forum in Port Moresby.

Toua, who is a member of the PNG ABAC group said they are working with the United Nations Development Program to support the working group as a contributor to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s).

Next Generation Policy to counter economic headwinds

Representatives of the APEC Business Advisory Council fleshed out recommendations during a meeting that just concluded in Port Moresby. The group will present them to Trade Ministers from the 21 APEC member economies when they convene on May 17-18 in Arequipa, Peru to power growth and higher living standards.

Papua New Guinea’s Finance Minister, James Marape, helped to set the tone for the proceedings by detailing the approach Papua New Guinea is taking to deal with current global challenges.

ABAC business delegates visit Nature Park

More than 50 delegates visited the park over the weekend giving ABAC dignitaries the chance to experience the uniqueness of PNGs finest flora and fauna.

The delegates were taken on a tour around the park and also had up-close encounters with the animals.

General Manager of the Nature Park, Michelle McGeorge said it was an honour to be able to show the delegates the bio-diversity of PNG’s plants and animals.

She said many of the delegates were fascinated about the different plants and animals that can be found in PNG.

E-Commerce Summit gets BSP sponsorship

BSP today announced a K20,000 gold level sponsorship rights for the summit. 

The summit will coincide with the 2nd APEC Business Advisory Council (ABAC) Meeting in Port Moresby from the 24th to 27th April. 

BSP’s Manager – SME, Dennis Konu said, “BSP sees this as an important event for Small to Medium Entrepreneurs (SME), especially for our SME customers.”

“We recognise the importance of SMEs in the country and how they contribute to the economy, and supporting this summit will further develop the SME in E-Commerce.