Antivirus 'mistakenly' flags Windows as Malware and Facebook as Phishing site

The havoc caused after the company released a bad update on April 24, which was pulled after approximately 15 minutes. But that still hasn't stopped some PCs from receiving it, causing serious issues for not just individuals, but also companies and organizations relying on the software.

According to the reports by many customers on social media and Webroot's forum, hundreds and even thousands of systems were broken down after antivirus software flagged hundreds of benign files needed to run Windows and apps that run on top of the operating system.

Is your Antivirus making your PC more hack-able?

This new breed of malware spreads in no time using evolved practices.

To protect our computer systems from attacks, back in the day, everybody tried to get their hands on some reputed antivirus solution. But, things are changing and people are questioning the usefulness of antivirus solutions due to the multiple reasons.

I remember the days when we used to create a signature for a new malware. Using that, the antivirus solution would block the infection. These days, hackers have learned the art of encryption, making it almost impossible to detect many infections.