Annette Sete

Fashion designer sues retail outlet

The company, Kenny PNG Ltd, is named as the second defendant. Owner and company director Kenny Beng NG is named as the first defendant, and fellow company director, and founder of PNG Fashion and Design Week, Janet Sios, is named as the third defendant.

Kenny Beng NG is a Malaysian operating a joint of retail shops across Lae City, including the fabric and clothing shop, Kenny Collection.

The defendants are being represented by Niugini Lawyers, while Waisi Lawyers act for Sete. Acting Justice Elizabeth Suelip has fixed the matter for directions hearing on August 11, 2020.

Beauty in Melanesia’s ‘ugly faces’

What Annette Sete means by “ugly faces” are the carvings and masks – a familiar print on most of her product line.

Being from East Sepik and married to East New Britain, masks are part of her identity.

Using more extract style in her prints, Lava Girl’s aim to highlight the beauty in this has been successful, making hers a high demand fashion line, nationally.

Something which started as a hobby like many others has turned out to be a full time business now.