Angoram Open

Angoram retains Waipo

The National Alliance candidate defended the Open seat in East Sepik Province with a convincing win after the 26th exclusion yesterday.    

Waipo bagged 16,389 votes, surpassing the absolute majority figure of 13,366.

Independent candidate Patrick Tangit finished second with 10,366 votes for the Angoram Open in the 2017 National Election.

Waipo was declared at 11:30am on Monday as a second term MP. 

COUNTING COMPLETED: Angoram set for quality check

Returning Officer Cherobin Vaiang told Loop PNG that counting officials will now do a quality check to balance the votes of each candidate this afternoon.  

Below are the top three candidates on the progressive tally after count 29;  

COUNTING: Angoram Open progressive result – after count 20

Returning Officer Cherobin Vaiang confirmed with Loop PNG that primary votes in the 20 ballot boxes have already been counted for the Open seat in East Sepik Province.

He said the absolute majority is 11,527 votes.

 Twenty-eight candidates are contesting, and the progressive top five candidates are;