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Facebook Messenger now sends SMS text messages, but only on Android

Basically, Messenger wants to be your end-all, be-all app for chatting with your friends.

If you don’t recall, Facebook Messenger used to support SMS messaging, but then dropped it in 2013 after it saw low usage. SMS compatibility then started to show up again earlier this year, but it was just a test with a small batch of users.

Check out these brand new emojis for Android

According to Android Developer's Blog, Android will soon be introducing a range of new emojis, which also include one for facepalm and selfie - another we're surprised has taken so long to appear.

As well as those, they're introducing a lot more "human" emojis such as more variation in skin tone and colour - finally.​

There's also some impressive new activity-based ones that we're already planning uses for.

Love performing a good cartwheel? There's a new emoji for that, as well as dancing and riding a bike and even juggling.​