Anderson Aigiru

Potape tells Agiru: Stop misleading people

Potape was referring to a media release in one of the dailies today replacing the presidents.

He said Agiru has no power to replace or reappoint members of the provincial executive council.

"There is a process and way to deal with such issues.

Agiru’s removal a pawn in govt plot

Polye has described the move by the provincial assembly on Tuesday as a ‘work of power hungry politicians and another plot by the government to suppress the governor,’ who has spoken openly against the transaction.

“We believe the purported removal of the Hela Governor is another plot by the Government to suppress him.

“My Hela-Opene brother has spoken openly against the government’s move to mortgage the landowners’ 4.27 per cent equity share in the LNG project through the issuance of the sovereign bond to fund K2.1 billion deficit in 2016 Budget,” he said.