Ambum valley

Ambum Valley farmers to revive coffee gardens

This is the undertaking from a farmer and community leader Johannes Yola who is organising 428 farmers or households in the area under Coffee Industry Corporation’s industry rehabilitation program.

The farmers at Ambum Valley will work together with Wabag Catholic Diocese who has signed a partnership agreement with CIC on November 9, 2016 to help in coffee improvement work under call 4.

Ipatas: MPs had the opportunity to deliver

Sir Peter was at Ambum valley, Enga Province, speaking to more than 2000 residents during the weekend.

“There is no leader or a group that can make miracles. Everyone that is in Parliament now have utterly wasted their time,” he told parents, students and teachers on Saturday.

People must understand that leaders do not have the extraordinary ability to address issues overnight, he added.

Sir Peter stated that he is committed to supporting Prime Minister Peter O’Neill and the coalition partners to continue to deliver much-needed services and projects to the people.