Alwyn Jimmy

Moresby South officials commended

Speaking to media outside the counting venue, he said he was happy with how the count progressed quickly and the declaration made today.

Jimmy said while other seats for NCD were still facing issues such as allowances, including Moresby South, the counting officials proceeded to fast track counting.

He further commended Returning Officer, Michael Are, for a job well done.

NCD polls: Polling extended!

Today, McGregor Barracks in the Moresby North-East electorate, Works compound (MNE) and the University of Papua New Guinea in the Moresby North-West electorate will poll.

Provincial Returning Officer and NCD Election Manager, Alwyn Jimmy, says he has been given approval by the Electoral Commissioner to proceed with the exercise.

“Under the Organic Law on Provincial Governments and Local Level Governments, we are still within the 14 days,” he tells Loop PNG.

“Just because you have been given one day to poll doesn’t mean you have missed out.”

EC will decide on polling extension: Jimmy

Provincial Returning Officer and NCD Election Manager, Alwyn Jimmy, says the Commissioner has the authority to extend the exercise.

He said this after polling in four venues in NCD did not take place yesterday.

Jimmy told Loop PNG that he has been informed of the situation but is awaiting an official report from the respective returning officers.

The most notable is the situation at UPNG where polling did not eventuate.

NCD polling will go ahead

He said this afternoon that the main issue that deferred polling on Tuesday will be sorted out.

On Tuesday, polling officials in Moresby North-West, as well as parts of Moresby South, refused to conduct polling after their allowances were not paid on time.

This forced Electoral Commissioner, Patilias Gamato, to defer polling for all three NCD electorates.

Jimmy told the media that allowances will be paid, which he has asked to be done in cash to ensure polling takes place.