Alphonse Muapi

​Havara still to be dealt with: EC

This was confirmed by PNG Electoral Officer Alphonse Muapi.

“As stated earlier by the Electoral Commissioner, after the elections the RO will be subjected to investigation. What he did is a serious offence,” said Muapi.

Electoral Commissioner Patilias Gamato is currently on leave and is expected to address the matter upon his return.

The individual in question, Moka Havara, gave an exclusive interview to Loop PNG yesterday (05/09/17) where he stated that his actions were due to frustration.

​Unlisted candidates to run as independents

PNGEC media officer Alphonse Muapi said the law is very clear.

He also said a party can only endorse one candidate to run for an Open and Provincial seat in the 2017 National Election.

Muapi stated that PNGEC does not have control on posters printed by the candidates. However, the candidate poster to be printed by PNGEC will follow the legitimate party listing provided by individual party general secretaries.

​Increase noted in number of female candidates

PNG Electoral Commission media officer, Alphonse Muapi, yesterday said: “Electoral Commissioner has released the updated candidate nomination figures today (Sunday), which stand at 3,332 candidates who will contest for the 22 provincial and 89 open seats.”

The one week nomination for intending candidates for the 2017 National Election ended on April 20, with a slight drop in candidate numbers.

“In 2012, a total of 3,344 candidates nominated but one died during the campaign period leaving 3,343 who contested,” Muapi said.  

Ballot papers kept in ‘undisclosed location’

Electoral Commissioner Patilias Gamato confirmed with Loop PNG that “ballot papers arrived on Tuesday and had been cleared (on Wednesday)”.

Gamato said on Thursday, containers containing the papers were taken to a highly secured location in Port Moresby where they are now heavily guarded by police and military personnel.

He said in the next one-and-a-half months, the ballot papers will be repacked according to enrolment figures and dispatched to each province, two weeks prior to commencement of polling on June 24.