allegations of misappropriation

Potape happy with court decision

Potape said it took him seven months in Bomana, through a successful Supreme Court appeal and a re-trial to be finally freed from criminal charges today.

“It is a relief for me and my family, my deputy governor, all my supporters and friends. The judge threw out the case because primary materials were obtained that were without proper search warrant and prosecution fell short proving the case,” he said to media outside court after the decision.

And he thanked his lawyer for winning the case through his Supreme Coyrt appeal and now the trial.

Potape exonerated of mismanagement by court

Justice George Manuhu this afternoon found Potape not guilty, putting an end to the criminal trial against him.

The decision on the no-case submission came today after Potape’s lawyer on July 14, asked the court to acquit him and stop the case from further proceeding as he did not have a case to answer to.

The court in its ruling found that the documents tendered into evidence during the trial fell short and did not show that Potape and other 9 members of his district received payments.