Allan Bird

Bird aims to protect his people’s future

Since the alleged airport kidnap of another candidate, where Bird was caught in the middle, he says he will not get involved in anything else that takes place in Port Moresby unless it concerns the people of East Sepik.

Bird has his sight set on building provincial capacity so as to protect his people’s future from potentially poor financial and investment decisions of the government.

He says while he understands that the devaluation of kina is unavoidable, he is sure that an O’Neill-led government will not support his ideas at the national level.

COUNTING: ESP progressive result – after primary count completion

This is the only seat yet to find a winner in the 2017 National Election for East Sepik Province.  

According to reports from Wewak, elimination started last night.    

The progressive top five candidates following completion of primary counts; 

​Leading ESP candidate threatens to sue rivals

He said he had collected the highest number of votes in Wosera-Gawi, Ambunti-Dreikikir and Wewak for obvious reasons, and that is his home and where he has invested time and resources over 25 years of living and working in the province.

Bird, a member of the National Alliance party, is currently leading the progressive tally in the East Sepik regional seat, and has collected more than 60 thousand votes to date.

He said he will study the basis of the allegations levelled against him, and if there are any defamatory statements, he will sue his accusers for defamation.

VIDEO: Allan Bird's focus

In a recent statement, Mr Bird said his personal success in agriculture and tourism gives him confidence in the two sectors being improved in order to increase their earning capacities.

Mr Bird, like other East Sepik regional candidates, is still out in the rural areas of the province, driving the party's policies which surround economic and social development.


Salome Vincent reports