Allan Bird

K10,000 for Kadovar disaster relief

“While the focus had been on the earthquake disaster in the Southern highlands, we sometimes overlook the other disasters that have occurred in Papua New Guinea recently,” Witham stated.

The Kadovar eruption on January 2018 has left many people displaced and had a major impact on the lives of people in the Eastern Sepik area.

Provinces to decide on LLG elections: PM

He said LLGs will be given the option of allowing their people to vote for the president, or for council members only to vote for presidents.

O’Neill, replying to the East Sepik Governor Allan Bird’s query on how the Council presidents will be voted in, said it will be entirely up to the provinces.

“There are provinces in the country where they wish to have the council presidents elected by the people – that is fine, and there are other provinces where they want the ward councillors to elect the presidents.

Governor clarifies Sepik plains projects

Governor Allan Bird made the clarification in response to an article published on Loop PNG regarding national interest in the Sepik Plains.

During the budget presentation of the East Sepik Provincial Budget to Treasurer and Deputy Prime Minister, Charles Abel, the Governor responded to comments made by Abel regarding significant funding to his province for agricultural projects by the National Government.

ESP Governor not aware of projects

The Governor said he is aware that investments are being planned for major projects in the Provinces, however, he does not have the necessary information.

The Governor said the Sepik Plains has more than a million hectares of arable land, and if managed well, will deliver long term sustainable projects that can last a lifetime and provide hundreds of thousands of jobs.

“The National Government may be of an opinion that we are somehow involved and we are pushing this national agenda based on this large resources that are being invested.

Volcano ash may affect Madang Coast: Governor

East Sepik Governor, Allan Bird, said a recent change in wind direction has resulted in ash drifting towards the Biem Island.

He said if this continues, the coast of Madang Province could be affected, including Bogia District and Manam resettlement centre.

Meanwhile, the Governor said they have begun planning for any likely event that Biem Islanders may need to be evacuated due to the effects of the volcano.

“With the change in the wind direction, a lot of the ashes from the Kadovar volcano are falling on Biem Island and towards Manam and Bogia.

Disaster funds to be accounted for: Bird

He made the comments during the donation of K50,000 from Kumul Petroleum Holdings Limited (KPHL) yesterday.

Governor Bird received a cheque from KPHL Managing Director, Wapu Sonk, towards relief efforts for the aftermath of the Kadovar Island volcanic eruption.

Sonk said KPHL, being the national oil and gas company, has a social responsibility to all Papua New Guineans and obligated to help the people of Kadovar at this time of need.

Governor Bird thanked Sonk for the donation and said the level of support received has been overwhelming.

Be prepared, urges Bird

Governor Allan Bird said from reports received recently, the situation in Kadovar Island will most likely worsen.

He said the actual status of the volcanic activity at this stage is unknown however, there is a possibility of a disaster just waiting to happen.

He pointed out that experts believe they are at risk of tsunamis.

Bird said the future of the islanders is uncertain however, they are positive that they will secure land and in fact, the Kaup area has been set aside.

The governor reiterated that they are aware of at least ten volcanoes in the province.

Governor grateful for help

Governor Allan Bird noted an overwhelming response from all over the country to assist in the plight of the East Sepik people.

He said among the donors, the National Capital District Commission has been the most significant with a K100,000 donation on Wednesday (Jan 17).

Others who have also assisted were the Prime Minister’s office and National Gaming Control Board.

Governor Bird was also overwhelmed at the set-up of the NCDC tents at the City Hall car park, noting that this is indeed a heart touching response led by the NCDC office.

Fuel shortage a major hurdle: Bird

Speaking at the NCD city hall on Wednesday, the governor reiterated that although they have received overwhelming response from many organisations as well as individuals, the challenge now is to take care of the impacted people until they are resettled.

In giving an update on the relief exercise, Governor Bird highlighted that they were also facing difficulties in accessing funds as there was not enough for the provincial government.

He said the HMPNGS Lakekamu had gone back to Wewak to refill and the monies donated by the NCDC would likely go towards fuel.

50 bales of rice for Kadovar

East Sepik Governor Allan Bird yesterday received the 50 bales of 1kg rice from Trukai's district sales marketing manager, Caspar Jeffrey.

The rice, as well as 200 cartons of bottled water, will be shipped out to Ruprup (Blup Blup) Island, where the Kadovar people have taken refuge.

The naval ship from the Lombrum Naval base in Manus has since been delivering relief supplies, and will do so again today.

Governor Bird will travel to Ruprup Island today (Jan 13) to see the distribution of the rest of the relief supplies.