Alcohol abuse

Drink responsibly: Police

Police boss Ben Turi says in the past weeks, there have been numerous reported deaths which were indirect results of the victims either being drunk and in the wrong place or being attacked by drunk suspects.

Turi is calling on Port Moresby residents to drink responsibly this election period. While there is nothing wrong in having a few drinks, people must know their limits and not get themselves into unnecessary risks.

“Law and order and safety must be the prerogative of everybody and not just the police,” Turi reiterates.

Gunshots and death ruin residents’ Sunday morning

What could have been a normal, peaceful Sunday, turned into a circus at the Korobosea Drive, around 6.30am, when a group of Highlanders fired at some men from Gulf Province.

Residents told Loop PNG that these groups of men had been drinking since midnight. They got into an argument which eventually led to a man, allegedly from Baimuru, being shot.

Loop was on site to witness the different groups hurling stones and obscenities at each other while their neighbours stood only a few metres away, watching in curiosity.