airport security

Police Commended For Airport Operations

The Police Composite Team comprising officers from Dog Unit, Airport Police and Six Mile Police provided security operations at the airport.

Upon completion of their engagement in January 2022, NAC Managing Director, Rex Kiponge and the management thanked them for their support.

“Festive operation is very important for NAC as we see increased movement of passengers and different types of activities happening and police have been effective in helping us keep Jackson airport secure and safe for the travelling public,” Mr Kiponge said.

Aviation Security Recruits Trained

The training is part of National Airport’s Corporation’s moves towards taking back one of its core functions, which is to provide in-house security services at its airports.

NAC Managing Director, Rex Kiponge said he was impressed with the progress so far.

“So far so good, I’m very impressed. Once completed, this program will be a game changer for NAC,” he said.

Australia tightens security checks on airport staff

The tighter controls come after authorities foiled an alleged terror plot to bring down a plane leaving Sydney Airport in July.

Australian baggage handlers and airport staff working in restricted zones will now be subject to random tests for traces of explosives.

Inspections will also be carried out on employees' belongings and vehicles.

The changes follow concerns raised by union and intelligence experts about the screening of staff, many of whom are on casual contracts.