Air travel

‘Keep the planes flying’

“’We must keep the planes flying’ was the central message in a frank but productive meeting between PUMA, the Chief Secretary,  Bank of PNG, Treasury and Customs today,” said Treasurer Ian Ling-Stuckey.

“The meeting was called to ensure that there were no more surprises with flight stoppages. 

“In a country with such a challenging terrain as PNG, the Marape-Rosso Government understands that plane travel is an absolutely critical service. 

Valid air travel reasons outlined

Manning said whilst measures are in place to contain the spread of the coronavirus or COVID-19 pandemic, consideration is also being given to citizens who wish to travel by air.

Under this emergency direction, valid reasons for air travel include:

Minimizing air travel cost a must

Speaking during the launching of the “National Airline Corporations Sustainable Growth Strategy” Manase said he wants to ensure that air travel is affordable for all Papua New Guineans.

 He said he will undertake discussions with all stakeholders within the industry and believes that affordable flying can be achieved.

Meantime the corporate plan launching was held in a Town Hall meeting fashion with NAC staff witnessing the event.