Air Niugini pilots

Supreme Court dismisses pilots’ appeal

The dismissal of the case also means the interim relief of March 23, which stayed their termination as well as eviction from Air Niugini’s accommodation, was also discharged.

Captains Joseph Kumasi, Boris Ageda, Vincent Tongia, Benjamin Lopa, Norman Daniel, and first officers Elijah Yuangi, David Seken and Abel Kanego, were terminated in September over allegations of misconduct.

They filed a judicial review in the National Court and a stay against their termination was granted on Oct 7, 2016.

Polye calls for pilots’ reinstatement

He called on them not to compromise the safety of the travelling passengers.

Polye said the sacking of the pilots would result in the remaining pilots doing over time to cover loss of manpower and ultimate disruption of flight services.

He said this will risk the lives of the travelling passengers.

He called on the management of Air Niugini to place the safety of the travelling passengers as a priority.

Polye further called on the Minister for Public Enterprise to intervene.

Concerned professionals hit back at Air Niugini

Makop told Loop PNG that the decision was presumptuous and was against certain regulations and principles.

He described the scenario as a sad day for PNG that professional pilots who have contributed greatly to the country's development should be terminated based purely on political speculations.

He added that it will be a subject for the Labour and Industry Department and the judiciary to adjudicate.

Makop claimed that the decision was taken by the Air Niugini management to satisfy their political masters’ need for punitive measures.