Agriculture Minister Benny Allan

Agriculture Minister commends Trukai

The 100 percent commercial product from Morobe Province was launched by Trukai on August 16.

Minister Allan said the product supports the Government’s agenda to replace imports of rice.

He said on average, PNG imports 400,000 tonnes of rice per year, at a cost of K600 million.

The launching of the product is testament that PNG can produce its own products and minimise imports.

Minister Allan stated that under the Rice Policy of 2015-2030, it is the Government’s intention to unlock customary land for such projects.

Outdated commodity acts will be reviewed: Minister

Agriculture Minister Benny Allan announced this on Wednesday.

Allan said this when questioned by Talasea MP, Francis Maneke, when an appointment of the Oil Palm Industry Corporation (OPIC) board will be done and if there are plans to review the OPIC Act.

Maneke said oil palm was a major revenue earner for his province and the country however, for years OPIC was without a head.

He asked when this would be done as well as a review of the OPIC Act, which is 42 years old.