Troops showcase maritime capabilities

This year, the training has been modified to take into account the main leader’s week this November for APEC 2018.

Involving six vessels and various small crafts, this morning’s showcase was to highlight maritime capabilities harnessed during Exercise Paradise.

Chief of Force Preparations, Colonel Siale Diro says that the operations were in line with the supporting security role that the defense will play alongside the police for APEC.

ADF and PNGDF Air elements begin talks

The talks are a lead up to the Defense Corporation talks this Wednesday.

The Joint Operations Commander, Colonel Siale Diro outlined that the talks will be focused on the basics of the PNGDF and ADF corporative programs.

Tuesday will be Army to Army Talks, while the main component of the talks will be this Wednesday.

The Defense Corporation talks are symbolic of joint liaison between the two forces in terms of training and logistical support.