PPC GEWE New members sworn

Governor Powes Parkop (Chairman), Governor Allan Bird (Deputy Chairman) and Committee members Marsh Narewec, Ricky Morris and Lohia Boe Samuel took their oath of office on November 30 2022. 
They all committed to use their mandate to progress women’s empowerment and to continue previous efforts to tackle gender-based violence.   

Facebook is playing an increasingly important role in activism

And now researchers have determined just how much of an impact the social network had.

According to a study from researchers at the University of Maryland, almost 70% of people who attended the D.C. march heard about it on Facebook (FBTech30). Meanwhile, 61% from friends and family.

Raped for speaking out against rape

Her story illustrates just how powerful armed groups still are. Even though a ceasefire has been declared between the army and the left-wing Farc rebels, parts of the country remain lawless.

A statuesque Afro-Colombian woman wearing a bright turban and loose flowing robes hovers over her patient and gently prods his stomach.