49th Hiri Moale festival

Hiri Hanenamos encouraged

On Thursday, March 2nd, Lady Emeline Tufi Dadae met with the contestants in preparation for the upcoming Hiri Moale Festival that started today.

"Hiri Moale Festival is a representation of our way of life, particularly for the people of Motu Koitabu and Gulf Province. Our culture is our identity. Hiri Moale Festival is more than just a celebration; the Hiri Hanenamo pageant honors the beauty, cultural knowledge, arts, and crafts of the people of Motu-Koitabu, Hiri-Koiari and Gulf Province."

Heduru Moni support festival with 50K

Its sponsorship has increased from K30, 000 to K50, 000 this year, illustrating a keen interest in supporting cultural heritage from this financial institution.

Managing Director, Aho Baliki, in the presence of Moni Plus Founder, Bernard Chan stated that the assistance is for the Motu Koita Assembly to continue and maintain the Hiri Moale Festival.

Hiri-Koiari onboard to sponsor festival

Member for Hiri-Koiari, Keith Iduhu shared that the sponsorship is a way to pay homage to history as the Festival is close to the electorate as well.

“The District Development Authority have resolved to support the Hiri Moale festival which I hope will revolve into an institution that reminds people of the significance impact and contribution that we continue to make in the development of our country.

Pacific industries supports festival

PI Company Director, Everett Chue, said that PI is excited to be the beverage sponsor. This will be the third year to sponsor and are looking forward to the milestone event in March.

“Pacific Industries is proud to announce our sponsorship once again to be the official beverage sponsor for 2023 Hiri Moale Festival. I believe next year will be its 50th year of the event so that’s going to be an exciting time and we will continue to sponsor it,” said Chue.

Air Niugini sponsor

Chairman for Motu Koita Assembly and Deputy Governor for NCD, Dadi Toka Jnr, acknowledged the sponsors and stated that the assembly is looking forward for the beginning of another long term sponsor.

Deputy Governor stated that the Air Niugini sponsorship covers International Return Airline Tickets for the Hiri Hanenamo Title Winners and Domestic Return Airline Tickets for the Hiri Hanenamo contestants.

BSP Sponsors Hiri Moale Festival

This is the first sponsorship launch towards the festival and is the third time BSP has assisted. The presentation today had BSP hand-over a cheque of K30, 000 to assist with the festival.

Corporate Sponsorship Manager, Amelia Minoppu, stated that BSP is pleased to join another year round since 2021.

“As you all know culture and tradition plays a big role in our communities and in the Pacific and the values of the communities we operate in. It’s through events like the Hiri Moale festival that our brand identifies the people that we work with,” she stated.