43rd Independence

Roche calls for reflection on blessings

“During this Independence Day, it is good that we reflect on the blessings we have received as a country. We have to thank God for our journey from our humble beginnings to this day,” said Fr Victor.

He said that for many centuries we have been living in our small and scattered communities and villages hidden from the outside world. However, today, we are connected to the rest of the world community as one nation.

The feeling of triumph, jubilation

During the flag lowering ceremony in Port Moresby yesterday, Governor General Bob Dadae said for the first time ever, the spirit of unity and oneness dismissed all doubts and fears of succeeding as a new nation.

“The passion to now be identified as a Papua New Guinean was demonstrated in many areas – in politics, education and academic attainment and sports. The shared determination to excel was driven by the strong passion to stand tall and to be counted as a proud Papua New Guinean,” said the GG.

France congratulates PNG on 43rd Independence anniversary

The French President wrote, “On the occasion of the National Day of Papua New Guinea, I am pleased to extend my warmest congratulations to you, both on my own behalf and on behalf of the French people.

“As a Pacific country through the presence of its local authorities in New Caledonia, French Polynesia and Wallis and Futuna, France shares a common vision of the challenges in Oceania with Papua New Guinea, particularly on the issue of combating the effects of climate change.

Unity, pride at Independence Hill

The last 41 years have had their fair share of challenges and accomplishments, but PNG has shown that it can face what’s ahead as a nation.

Through the mist of the breaking dawn, accompanied by light showers this morning, the national colours of black, red and gold shone brightly on the Independence Hill as hundreds of residents flocked the ceremonial ground to witness the 43rd flag raising ceremony.