2022 Hostplus Cup

Hunters ready to resume from bye weekend

As part of a regular review of the Hunters’ progress, SP PNG Hunters Chairman Stan Joyce CSM and Director Jeremy Edwards have met with CEO Scott Barker and Head Coach Matt Church to discuss the Hunters’ performance.

It was also an opportunity to ensure the club’s long-term strategic plan remains on track and that agreed targets are being met.

The meeting acknowledged that this season’s results have not met the expectations of the club, which tasted premiership success in 2017.

Boas Out For 2022 Season

Close teammate, Wartovo Puara Junior says with Ase out of the pack, the team will have to take every advice possible from the coaching staff to maintain their stand in the Queensland Cup.

“With Ase out of the team it will challenge the boys to go an extra mile and it give their all. It comes down to how prepared we are and how well we can play our game.

“We have great talent in the team and I am sure will do our best. From the look of things, the boys are physically fit and ready,” Puara said.