2020 state of emergency

Boats sent back to Kokopo

The border has been closed since the state of emergency lockdown.

As of Monday, 6th April, anyone traveling through the Kokopo-Namatanai border is stopped, questioned and directed to return back to Kokopo.

On Good Friday, three boats were refused entry. They were stopped off the coast of Rasirik village, in West Coast Namatanai, by Police.

“Aninit long steit of imejensi, bai mipla ino nap long alawim yupla long kam insait long Namatani,” a police officer on a patrol boat called out through a loudhailer.

Report police misconduct

The Acting Deputy Police Commissioner and State of Emergency Operations Commander, Donald Yamasombi, says the National Police Internal Affairs hotline number is 320 2364.

Commander Yamasombi established this toll-free number following numerous concerns raised by the public over the continuous police misconduct and harassment at the various police roadblocks and checkpoints over the last three weeks of the SOE.

Day 22 of SOE

The SOE Controller says more of our domestic ports should be opening up by this week, but under strict guidelines.

When giving his update, state of emergency controller, David Manning, said while more domestic ports will open, the Joint Agency Task Force will continue to be the only committee to give authorisation for flight schedules.

“I’d like to take this time to remind our airlines to continue to observe the approval process and the observance to COVID-19 restrictions,” Manning said. “In particular to physical distancing, hand sanitisers and masks.”

Familiarise yourselves with the ‘new normal’

With the COVID-19 pandemic, people all over the world are forced to change the way they live. And PNG is no different.

The coronavirus disease has devastated most parts of the world, forcing changes to be made to the way a country is run, the way businesses operate or generally how we socialise.

In this afternoon’s COVID-19 update, the Deputy State of Emergency Controller, Dr Paison Dakulala, said provinces are stepping up in terms of rapid response team preparations, isolation and quarantine facilities, risk communication and social distancing.

Vessels, aircrafts to be seized if in breach of order

He made the announcement yesterday at the National Operations Centre at the Morauta Haus. This emergency order will be implemented immediately.

Manning said ‘designated goods’ such as betelnut, wild betelnut and any other perishable items, may be seized and destroyed during routine roadblocks or searches of vehicles by authorised officers.

Commissioner refutes PPE rumour

Manning made this comment following allegations posted on Facebook that Health Minister Jelta Wong had given a K50 million contract to Borneo Pacific Pharmaceuticals Ltd for the supply of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for the State of Emergency.

“This is totally false. No such contract was ever given,” refuted Manning.

“As the Controller of the SOE, I am the legal authority under the Emergency Orders for procurement and direction of the SOE personnel and supplies and deny that any such contract was issued to Borneo by the Minister for Health.

Who is authorised to release COVID-19 info?

Police Commissioner and SOE Controller, David Manning, said as this is a health related emergency, the Prime Minister, James Marape, has delegated Health Minister Jelta Wong as the official government spokesperson on the PNG Government response to the coronavirus or COVID-19 pandemic.

“It is critical and necessary that the established protocols with regard to the release of information are observed so that the correct information is being disseminated to the people of PNG,” Manning said.

Schools remain suspended, new PMV protocols

Before the 27th of April, a decision will be made on whether it is safe to resume classes.

Speaking at the regular COVID-19 briefing this evening at the Morauta Haus, Marape said: “But as I speak, I am passing notice to all our educational institutions throughout the country, that we give an extension of their holidays.”

SOE Controller, David Manning, said: “We’re working with education officials to ensure that we adjust the dates for the remaining school year, so as to ensure that the full process of completing an academic year is complied with.”

SOE Controller to announce more details on extended SOE

The 14-day lockdown that started on 23 March ends on 6th of April (Monday). Travel within the country will resume Tuesday next week. However, the ban on international travel remains and the international borders remain locked.

The Controller of the State of Emergency and Police Commissioner, David Manning, will announce more details on the uplifting of the lockdown and further announcements of the key measures that will be in place during the two-month extension of the SOE.

NCDC tightens safety measures

Over the last nine days, the NCDC Urban Safety (US) Division’s Reserve Police personnel have partnered with the NCD Metropolitan Command under the leadership of Metropolitan Superintendent Perou N'Dranou.

Director Paul Komboi said: “The streets of Port Moresby have been our major focus during the SOE in ensuring its cleanliness, health, hygiene and safety is of paramount importance.