2017 PNG National Elections

VIDEO: EHP polling delayed

Provincial Election Manager Steven Kaupa confirmed this today.
He said the delay is on the transportation of ballot papers, which Heli Solutions chopper is yet to deliver.


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VIDEO: Hela candidates express disappointment

They claim, the Hela Election Manager wasn't transparent.
It all started when 6 ballot boxes with 9,158 ballot papers arrived in Tari on Saturday.
The candidates claim they were not informed of the arrival of these ballot boxes and papers despite having a meeting with the Election Manager on Friday. 
The Ballot papers were burned immediately. 
Then there is the issue of the Electoral Roll. 


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VIDEO: Amaiu not arrested

Amaiu says he was never arrested and never hijacked eight ballot boxes, which led to the deferral of NCD polling.
He is now calling on NCD/Central Police Commander Sylvester Kalaut to disclose those ballot boxes and deal with those election officers involved. 


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VIDEO: Extra ballot papers burnt

The ballot papers did not match the voting population of 26,000 in the district.


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Central Bougainville commence polling

The polling was delayed at the four electorates, Kieta, Arawa, Panguna and Wakunai, due to issues with the electoral roll.

Majority of the 39 000 eligible voters did not have their names on the 2017 electoral roll preventing polling to take place on Monday, June 26.

Following instructions issued by Electoral Commissioner Patilias Gamato to use 2012 preliminary roll as the supplementary roll, the preliminary roll was printed on Tuesday and polling started today.

VIDEO: Gamato is incharge

He says that information has to be varified by his office through appropriate authorities.

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VIDEO: Simbu polling update

The polling was deferred from Monday to yesterday due to some grievances from the candidates and supporters regarding Electoral roll updates and other election related issues.


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NCD candidates happy

The candidates who presented a second petition today left the EC Headquarters after Gamato had responded positively to several concerns they raised in their petition.

At 3pm this afternoon, candidates led by NCD Regional contenders Noel Anjo, Jami Maxtone Graham, Andy Bawa, and Moresby North-East nominee John Kaupa, fronted up to the EC office demanding their petition demands be met by 4:06 pm.

Despite the hour deadline, several candidates took their turns grilling Gamato over what they viewed was an unorganized and administratively flawed election.

Gamato: There are enough funds for Highlands Region

Gamato told media that the funds were managed by Waigani because in the past, there was poor management at the provincial level. 

“A lot of expenditures were committed at the provincial level without control so there is some expenditure that we thought we would control from Waigani.

“We have also released some operational funds to the provinces to get them ready for polling and counting period.

“As far as we are concerned, we released enough funds to start them off with polling while at the same time managing the key expenditure areas,” Gamato said.

VIDEO: Jiwaka polling date not definite

Election Manager, Rossie Pandihau says, the commencement of polling in the Province will depend on, when polling completes in Simbu Province.


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